Coffee capsules LAVAZZA

Coffee capsules LAVAZZA

If you woke up late and were late for work, guests unexpectedly came to you, or there was an urgent need to make coffee, but no time, LAVAZZA company offers you a very quick and advantageous solution – coffee in capsules or pads (tablets) LAVAZZA.

The advantage of this coffee is its fast preparation and optimal taste, as the professional baristas of LAVAZZA did all the work for you and did it professionally. The best arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia were selected, they were properly fried, ground to the desired consistency and packed in a sealed vacuum container – completely environmentally friendly.

Just imagine that now you don’t have to get up and waste time grinding, guess the temperature of coffee preparation – the coffee machine will do everything for you.

Sealed capsule packaging guarantees the safety of the taste of coffee. This is important, because after opening a bag of grains or ground coffee, it quickly begins to lose its properties. And after a certain time, such coffee can completely lose its entire flavor bouquet. In the capsule, using modern technologies, the oxidation process of coffee is blocked and therefore it will be constantly fresh during preparation. All described technologies are absolutely harmless and meet international and European standards. LAVAZZA product quality is certified.

LAVAZZA BLUE Technology – Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso

To satisfy all the wishes of its customers, as well as carefully studying marketing research, the company creates new technologically advanced LAVAZZA BLUE coffee machines with a very wide selection of capsule coffee in various taste shades.

In this type of coffee machine, only LAVAZZA BLUE capsules are used, the lid of which is marked with the corresponding inscription. The process technology consists in the fact that after perforation of the lid, steam under high pressure enters the capsule, where coffee is mixed with and quickly welded. The welding process increases the pressure in the capsule, after which the bottom of the capsule is perforated and the already brewed coffee flows into the cup. The Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso (BLUE) technology consists of both specially designed capsules and coffee machines. Coffee machines of LAVAZZA BLUE technology are made not only for home use, but also vending.

Lavazza A Modo Mio

LAVAZZA company actively distributes and offers lovers of coffee expresso capsules Lavazza A Modo Mio. The peculiarity is that only A Modo Mio capsules are suitable for these devices. The equipment is primarily intended for brewing espresso.

A Modo Mio

You can also purchase and use the Lavazza Espresso Point espresso system. This technology was first used by the company back in 1989, when capsules began to be used in special Espresso Point Lavazza machines. The novelty aroused great interest in the market and among consumers.

The Lavazza factory in Gattinara specializes in the production of capsule coffee, which produces all kinds of capsules for Espresso Point, Lavazza BLUE and Lavazza A Modo Mio. Recently, the plant underwent a complete reconstruction and at the moment it is one of the most technologically advanced enterprises of the company.

It should also be noted that Lavazza offers not only coffee in capsules. For a variety of taste sensations, you can also purchase hot chocolate in capsules, tea (black and green), the taste of milk.

LAVAZZA capsules – do not waste time, have fun now!

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