Coffee LAVAZZA. Secrets of Success

Coffee LAVAZZA. Secrets of Success

Do you know, there are 80 types of coffee trees, and a person cultivates only two in writing – Arabica and Robusta. What is the difference. Arabica loves the highlands, while less resistant to pests, but the quality of the grain, its taste characteristics are much higher and more pleasant than robusta. Arabica can be drunk in a hundred percent form, that is, in pure form, which can not be done with robusta.

In Arabica there are more than 124 taste and aromatic characteristics. Robusta, in turn, is not so diverse in taste, but has 4 percent caffeine, a bitter taste, is not consumed in its pure form and is more resistant to pests. These all the nuances are by no means a minus for robusta, since it organically complements arabica.

What we get in LAVAZZA coffee with an organic mixture of robusta and arabica coffee: a golden-nut-colored foam for which espresso is so much appreciated; the density of the drink; strength, as in robusta 4% caffeine, and in arabica 1%, and, accordingly, a pleasant smell.

Where does LAVAZZA coffee begin its journey.

coffee with milk

After the coffee berries ripen, you still need to correctly extract the coffee bean, and this is a whole science. In the berry there are two flat grains facing each other. There are two ways to extract grain: wet and dry. The wet method is applied using special water tanks or special channels. With this method, the maximum amount of taste of the grain is preserved.

He is more expensive. The dry method is carried out by the method of winnowing or tossing on sieves, while some quite expensive and sophisticated varieties use the dry method, which does not in any way implore their taste. The result is a dry, refined grain.

After that, dry coffee grain arrives in Italy from around the world in the city of Turin, at a roasting factory, where the innovation center LAVAZZA is also located.

Such grains from around the world are collected by manufacturing companies very carefully, as this is their reputation, which allows them to work with LAVAZZA for decades.

coffee growing

High grain quality is guaranteed by the selection process. Three stages of control in the country of the exporter and three stages of control in the country of the importer, i.e. Italy. And only after that the grains come to the LAVAZZA roasting plant in Turin. Further, the grain is packaged in different frying stations and roasted.

Any professional in the matter of coffee can confirm to you how important the next stage in the production of coffee is roasting. Without involvement, it can be stated that roasting LAVAZZA grains is a ceremony.

Many companies keep the nuances of this process a big secret, including LAVAZZA. It is this procedure that determines the final taste aroma of a particular type of coffee.

If you overcooked the grains, they will of course completely lose their gustatory quality; if you have overcooked, the coffee will not be able to open in full. According to existing standards, the most optimal degree of roasting is brown or slightly golden.

If you fry for espresso – the grains will have a darker appearance, which is more reminiscent of chocolate color. Many socialists believe that optimal frying occurs before the first click of grain. Another important marker of properly fried grain, which indicates its high quality, is the presence of a light furrow in the middle of the grain.

Grinding is an important step in the preparation of LAVAZZA coffee. If you and I just pour the grain into a coffee grinder and make coffee, the product will not be espresso, that is, it will be something that resembles coffee.

Why it happens. Each LAVAZZA coffee has its own grinding. Suppose you have a coffee grinder. Today you pour one grade of coffee into it, prepare expresso and it turns out well.

Tomorrow you fall asleep another coffee of the same manufacturer – the coffee is completely different. It will either be bitter or sour. The secret is that in addition to the grinding size, it is necessary to adjust the temperature of the LAVAZZA coffee brewing equipment. Each type of coffee is prepared at an individual temperature.

coffee espresso -1

This temperature varies from 88 to 93 degrees. If it is arabica, then you must raise the temperature, if it is more robust, lower it. This way you get your favorite coffee.

To slightly diversify your taste preferences and add a little zest to them, LAVAZZA has proposed an unexpected solution. On the market there are many not only coffee, but also coffee drinks – latte, company, glace. However, LAVAZZA invented and offers a separate menu for the cafe – the patented LAVAZZA drinks: five cold and five hot drinks.

In Italy, all cafes that sell LAVAZZA offer these exclusive drinks on the menu, as they are always interesting to visitors and have gained great popularity. Only one kind of this drink is mesmerizing and all other thoughts immediately recede somewhere and you want one thing – to enjoy this beauty.

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