Lavazza Blue Decaffeinato


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Lavazza Blue Decaffeinato consists of 100% of the best varieties of Arabica from Brazil. Despite the lack of caffeine, the Lavazza drink retains all the taste and aroma of Arabica, leaving a chocolate aftertaste.

Due to the fact that Lavazza Blue Decaffeinato does not have a fortress, everyone can please themselves with a cup of blue decaffeinato. Lavazza has developed a unique method of decaffeination, after which the caffeine content in coffee remains at the level of 0.1%, which absolutely does not affect the taste of coffee, nor the safety of all trace elements.

The process of decaffeination takes place at a specially built Lavazza plant in the city of Pozzilli (Italy). This factory specializes in the production of caffeinated LAVAZZA coffee varieties and has all the certificates of conformity of products and technologies to EU requirements. Use the Lavazza blue coffee machine to make the Lavazza Blue Decaffeinato. It has an intense aroma of 3 out of 5, as well as a saturation of 4 out of 5

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