Lavazza Qualita Oro Bianco


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One of the best and latest innovations that has appeared on the Lavazza ground coffee market is the Lavazza Qualita Oro Bianco. This 100% Arabica blend is just amazing. The company strictly keeps secret the ratio of Arabica in this blend, as well as its varieties. One can only say that there is no person who would remain indifferent after drinking this divine drink Lavazza Qualita Oro Bianco.
What is the magical secret of Lavazza Qualita Oro Bianco. This coffee is unique in taste, it is very soft and does not bite at all. There are no flavors in it that you would not like. Lavazza Qualita Oro Bianco can be considered the pinnacle of excellence from Lavazza experts.
This Lavazza Qualita Oro Bianco coffee is mainly shipped to Japan. It was under this market that such a blend of Lavazza Qualita Oro Bianco was created and the pack itself speaks of this. Everything is written on it with hieroglyphs. Roasting grain and grinding medium. It is not bitter or acidic. Very, very soft. The word is suitable – velvety taste. We recommend Lavazza Qualita Oro Bianco.

Beware of fakes !!!!

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