Lavazza Aroma Classico Arabica 100%


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We offer to draw your attention to the new line of blends from Lavazza – Lavazza EXPERT, which includes the Lavazza Aroma Classico blend. This blend is characterized by its composition, namely – 100% arabica, which is collected in special climatic zones of Brazil (Minas, Mogiana, Serrado).

The wet processing of coffee beans, as well as the average level of roasting, provided the blend with specific notes of a citrus-floral taste with chocolate elements.

The line of new blends, as well as Lavazza Aroma Classico coffee beans, are made mainly in black with the addition of certain colors, which are designed to signal different taste shades from floral to citrus-cereal and chocolate.

The color palette of the packaging Lavazza Aroma Classico tells the customer about the light foam and high density of the drink. The blend can also be used for vending equipment.

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