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Especially for vending equipment, as well as home consumption, Lavazza has developed a brand new coffee blend Lavazza Aroma Piu coffee beans VD. The peculiarity of this blend is the use of coffee beans in a proportion of 60% arabica to 40% robusta, grown, harvested, processed and brought from almost all continents.

High-quality arabica Lavazza Aroma Piu VD is grown in special climatic zones of Guatemala and Southern Brazil, and robusta in Central Africa, India and Vietnam. It is this unique combination of taste, hardness of grains and different methods of processing beans that Lavazza Aroma Piu VD helped create a unique blend.

The average degree of roasting to light brown helped to further strengthen the new taste characteristics of the blend with elements of almond and honey, as well as create a viscous golden foam. Lavazza Aroma Piu coffee beans VD optimally making espresso with cream. Taste – 4/5, density – 4/5, saturation – 4/5

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