Lavazza Blue Tierra


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Lavazza Blue Tierra Coffee Capsules have the mark of organic production, consist of the best varieties of 100% Arabica, grown in the rainy and highlands of Honduras and Colombia, grains are harvested only by hand. Coffee Lavazza has a sweet taste with a slight acidity characteristic of Arabica.

This fragrant drink Lavazza Blue Tierra leaves a slightly nutty aftertaste. Please note that the Lavazza coffee line, which is abbreviated as Tierra, should inform you that these coffee varieties grow and collect exclusively on environmentally friendly coffee plantations certified by international organizations. When growing such coffee, the use of harmful chemical fertilizers is completely excluded.

In addition, the climatic zones themselves are very unique and, in some cases, border on protected areas, which also affects the limited crops and its ecological impeccability. Use the Lavazza blue coffee machine to make the Lavazza Blue Tierra. Coffee capsules are exposed in a 5 out of 5 flavor and 3 out of 5 saturation

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