Lavazza Cafe Paulista


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Lavazza Cafe Paulista Ground Coffee is one of the most famous blends of the company, which was first released back in 1959 in a new vacuum tin can, which made a stunning impression on customers and made an important contribution to the popularization of Lavazza coffee.

100% Arabica, which is part of the Cafe Paulista blend, grows and gathers on the same plantation in Brazil. Blend Lavazza Cafe Paulista is characterized by an optimally balanced taste with sweet notes of caramel and aroma without sour taste, which is inherent in some types of coffee.

Coffee connoisseurs are confident that Lavazza Cafe Paulista is optimal in taste and has no analogues in its price range. Paulista blends with Arabias coffee flavors. Although its taste is more expressive and softer with distinct notes of sweetness.

Delicate Lavazza Cafe Paulista coffee has a low caffeine content, so it can be consumed at any time of the day. Roasting grains is average, the grinding is fine, which is optimal for brewing in a Turk, coffee machines, a French press.

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