Lavazza Cereja Passita


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Lavazza Single Origin Cereja Passita Brazil – strong coffee with fruit-honey and chocolate notes. The new blend features a unique combination of the best arabica varieties grown in the dry climate of the tropical shroud of Serrado in Brazil. Cerrado is a special climate zone in the South-East of Brazil with a very wide variety of flora and fauna.

That is why Lavazza paid special attention to this region, as it is also rich in a variety of coffee varieties. The blend of 100% Arabica Lavazza Cereja Passita received the original name, as in the translation Cereja Passita means dried or wild cherry.

The growth of this variety of cherries is found everywhere in the Serrado region, including near coffee plantations. It was such a neighborhood that provided the Lavazza Cereja Passita Arabica ground coffee with a distinct chocolate-cherry flavor with a touch of chocolate.

The taste of the drink is enhanced by medium roasting of coffee, as well as medium grinding, which will give you the opportunity to brew coffee not only in coffee machines, espresso machines, the French press, but also in an ordinary Turk.

The green frog emblem on the packaging of Lavazza Cereja Passita indicates that the plantations and coffee beans that are harvested in this region are certified according to the requirements of the non-governmental organization Rainforest Alliance (New York, NY 10279 USA), which provides optimal conditions for farming in conditions of maximum environmental protection.

Rainforest Alliance certification also demonstrates that coffee farmers have decent wages and good living conditions, as well as adequate social and medical protection

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