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Lavazza Club Ground Coffee is an unsurpassed blend of properly processed beans 100% Arabica. Those arabica varieties used in the Lavazza Club are grown on specialized plantations of the Brazilian highlands. Also, a certain uniqueness is given to the blend by the peculiarity that the plantations of this arabica are small and therefore yields, in terms of the volume of coffee produced, are always limited.

Average roasting of beans and fine grinding makes Lavazza Club coffee a very delicate drink with an original taste. It is worth noting that for many gourmets, the combination Lavazza Club is considered the best ground coffee produced by Lavazza.

All this clearly encourages him to try. Lavazza Club is an unforgettable gift for true connoisseurs of real espresso.

Blend has not only a special soft taste, but also a very delicate aroma. It is ideal for making in a moka type coffee machine. Taste – 7/10, foam – 6/10, caffeine content – 4/10.

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