Lavazza Crema Classica Vending


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The blend Lavazza Crema Classica Vending coffee beans was created by the company’s specialists primarily for use in vending machines, i.e. it is intended for wide commercial use. Therefore, the composition of the blend Lavazza Crema Classica Vending has its own characteristics.

It combines high-quality Brazilian Arabica in 40% and Ugandan African Robusta 60%. The level of roasting darker than average is specially made for a more optimal disclosure of the taste qualities of both arabica and robusta, and to give the drink a distinct chocolate taste.

Precisely because the mixture Lavazza Crema Classica Vending is used for vending machines, and therefore is designed for a wide consumer, Lavazza Crema Classica Vending provides original flavoring shades.

The blend is designed for the average buyer who, after the first acquaintance with the drink, would remember the Lavazza brand for an unusual and rich taste. Of course, a distinctive feature of the drink is a thick, persistent milk foam.

Taste – 3/5, density – 4/5, saturation – 4/5

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