Lavazza decaffeinato


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Lavazza Decaffeinato Ground Coffee is a coffee that is intended for connoisseurs of this drink, which for various reasons cannot or should not use caffeine. Lavazza Decaffeinato is a decaffeinated beverage with a caffeine capacity of 0.1%. Lavazza not only developed a special technology for coffee decaffeination, but also created for this purpose an entire production complex in Pozzilli (Italy).

This factory specializes in the production of caffeinated LAVAZZA coffee varieties and has all the certificates of conformity of products and technologies to EU requirements. Lavazza Decaffeinato is a blend of 60% high quality Arabica from Brazil as well as 40% African Robusta.

It was the optimal combination of different varieties of coffee Lavazza Decaffeinato, against the background of medium-roasted beans and medium helped, provided the drink a harmonious delicate taste with sweet notes. This type of coffee is considered optimal for pregnant women.

Taste – 5/10, foam – 7/10, caffeine content – 0/10

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