Lavazza Dolce Caffe Crema


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Lavazza Dolce Caffe Crema coffee beans from Italian means sweet creamy foam for coffee. Pay attention to the color scheme of the packaging. Why artists and designers of Lavazza chose such a combination of colors Lavazza Dolce Caffe Crema. Everything is very simple – they just repeated the colors of the foam on the Lavazza Dolce Caffe Crema coffee.

A blend of whole grains of 80% arabica and 20% robusta made this blend with a unique caramel flavor and exceptionally velvety foam. Lavazza Dolce Caffe Crema coffee beans has almost no bitter-sour taste, which is inherent in coffee. The degree of roasting grain is average.

Lavazza Dolce Caffe Crema was presented primarily in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. The debut of Lavazza Dolce Caffe Crema has once again confirmed the high level of Lavazza brand reputation. It is one of the most recognized manufacturers in the world.

The Lavazza brand is the highest quality, the most refined aroma and taste. We recommend you to try this wonderful product. Lavazza Dolce Caffe Crema is the best solution for use at any time of the day or night.

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