Lavazza Espresso Caffe


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Lavazza Espresso Caffe beans is one of the new products from the company that will appeal to those coffee lovers who want to make the best expresso for themselves. How this is achieved by Lavazza. The fact is that the company was the first on the market to understand the multifaceted taste of coffee beans.

After all, Arabica grains grow in America, Africa, and Asia, and, consequently, their taste is significantly different. Lavazza Espresso Caffe is also a blend (mixture) of coffee beans, which consists of only 100% arabica coffee of different varieties. What is the secret of this type of coffee. The fact is that Arabica from Central America – Brazil – thanks to the mild, humid climate, is very saturated with floral flavors.

And arabica, which grows in Central Africa, thanks to a more dry climate, is distinguished by hardness of grains and a chocolate shade of taste. It is the combination of these tastes Arabica from Africa and South America that gave the exquisite aroma that will give you Lavazza Espresso Caffe. A unique selection of arabica beans, as well as a special roasting, betrayed the unique taste of coffee – a chocolate shade. Taste – 9/10, foam – 6/10, caffeine content – 5/10.

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