Lavazza Espresso Cremoso


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The name of the new blend Lavazza Espresso Cremoso coffee beans speaks for itself – it is an espresso with creamy cream foam. After a long effort, Lavazza specialists were able to combine Lavazza Espresso Cremoso in one blend and create a unique combination of coffee beans that grow in different hemispheres, which indicates their fundamentally different taste filling.

30% of high-quality Arabica from Brazil reduced the bitterness of the drink and gave it a little enveloping softness, and 70% of the robusta from Vietnam made the blend more invigorating. It was the non-standard combination of fundamentally different varieties of both arabica and robusta, as well as dark roasting that created this unique taste of Lavazza Espresso Cremoso with a beautiful dense creamy foam.

Lavazza Espresso Cremoso coffee beans can also be used to make cappuccino and latte. Taste – 8/10, foam – 9/10, caffeine – 9/10

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