Lavazza Espresso Perfetto


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Blend Lavazza Espresso Perfetto is designed for connoisseurs of Italian espresso. According to Lavazza experts, this particular blend has gathered all the taste qualities that are necessary in order to call the cooked espresso perfect.

Coffee beans Lavazza Espresso Perfetto consist of 70% of the best varieties of Arabica, which is grown on organic and alpine plantations in South America. 20% of high-quality robusta were grown and selected in Indonesia.

The unique blend of Lavazza Espresso Perfetto is ideal for preparing a typical Italian espresso with a viscous texture and intense unsurpassed aroma. He is also very good with milk, which makes him an ideal base for Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato.

Taste of Lavazza Espresso Perfetto – 9/10, foam – 8/10, caffeine content – 8/10

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