Lavazza Filtro Italiano Delicato


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Lavazza introduced a new line of ground coffee – Filtro Italiano Delicato Ground Coffee. This blend was developed by the company for traditional brewing in Turk, French Press, coffee machines, as it has fine grinding and medium roasting of beans.

Lavazza Filtro Italiano Delicato is a blend with the optimal combination of 80% Arabica from Brazil and 20% African Robusta, which gave the drink a sweetness with a mild chocolate flavor and a small bitterness. Before the presentation of this coffee, sociological studies were conducted in some European countries to understand the prospects of the ground coffee market, as well as its development trends. Studies have shown that 73% of respondents drink coffee every day and 46% even several times a day.

The main reason for drinking coffee is its taste characteristics – 60% and only 47% – an invigorating effect. When buying, 76% of respondents prefer the quality of the product. The quality of choice is primarily affected by the intensity of the aroma – 59%. According to surveys, just over 70% of users like ground coffee, and 51% use only this type of coffee. Interestingly, 76% of men often prefer ground coffee than women – 67%.

Every third consumer of ground coffee (30%) makes it in an espresso machine. Therefore, based on sociological research, Lavazza Filtro Italiano Delicato will be very popular among Ukrainian consumers

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