Lavazza Filtro Italiano Tradizionale


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Lavazza Filtro Italiano Tradizionale Ground Coffee, a new blend from Lavazza, which recently appeared on the Ukrainian and European coffee market. This mixture is distinguished by combining in one blend 70% of specially selected arabica beans from Brazil and 30% robusta from Southeast Asia.

It is this combination, according to Lavazza experts, that provided fundamentally new flavoring shades of dried fruits and nuts in the aftertaste of the drink. It should be noted that Lavazza Filtro Italiano Tradizionale is a bit bitter and very invigorating. Therefore, if you want to quickly cheer up before a new working day, then Lavazza Filtro will be the best solution for you.

Given the average grinding and average roasting of grains, the drink can be brewed in both Turk and coffee machines. It should also be emphasized that before the presentation of the new line of ground coffee Lavazza, a number of sociological studies were carried out in Europe, which emphasized that 73% of respondents drink coffee every day and 46% even several times a day.

The main reason for drinking coffee is its taste characteristics – 60% and only 47% – an invigorating effect. 76% of men more often prefer ground coffee than women – 67%. We are sure that the new Lavazza Filtro Italiano Tradizionale blend will find its fans on the your market.

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