Lavazza Gold selection


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The name of the blend Lavazza Gold Selection coffee beans speaks for itself. Lavazza created this blend specifically for connoisseurs, distinguishing the thinnest notes of South American coffee. The company’s specialists found the optimal combination of taste shades of different varieties of Arabica Lavazza Gold Selection, to be truly called the gold standard – Gold Selection.

The uniqueness of the blend was facilitated by the use of 80% of Arabica from Brazil and high-mountain Colombian Arabica, which underwent wet processing. Wet processing of coffee beans is a more expensive process than dry, but wet processing reveals the entire aroma of coffee beans and gives it a unique flavor.

20% of Robusta was specially selected and brought from Java. Thanks to this composition, Lavazza Gold Selection coffee beans offers its lovers a full and intense taste of real Italian coffee with a touch of milk chocolate. Experts recommend Lavazza as an espresso, especially for those who like persistent foam. Taste – 7/10, foam – 7/10, caffeine content – 6/10

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