Lavazza gran espresso


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Lavazza Gran Espresso coffee beans is not in vain is part of the Lavazza professional coffee blends. This is the fruit of many years of work by Lavazza laboratory professionals.

Only in this combination of 60% arabica beans and 40% robusta beans was this unforgettable taste effect of Lavazza Gran Espresso obtained, which was able to balance the taste features of strong robust from Uganda and the spicy shades of highland arabica Honduras, and the fruity taste of Brazilian arabica from special climatic zones (Minas, Mogiana, Serrado).

Universal special technology of frying to an average level helped to finally reveal all the taste qualities of this blend. That is why Lavazza experts called the mixture Lavazza Gran Espresso  – balanced.

Here you will find the strength of the drink, and the optimal foam, and a spicy enveloping finish. Taste – 4/5, density – 4.5 / 5

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