Lavazza grande ristorazione


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If you are the owner of a cafe or bar, and also has an excellent quality coffee machine, as you are a lover of a real Italian espresso, then Lavazza Grande Ristorazione coffee beans will be the best drink for you. Why coffee machines?

This is due to a specially selected blend of Lavazza Grande Ristorazione , in which some varieties of both Brazilian Arabica and Indonesian robusta are used. To create the Lavazza Grande Ristorazione , Lavazza specialists spent a lot of effort until they got the optimal balanced taste, in which both bitterness and sourness are harmoniously felt.

70% of Brazilian Arabica from certain areas of Brazil gave the drink the basic fruity notes, and 30% of the Indonesian robusta betrayed the density and excellent golden froth of Lavazza Grande Ristorazione coffee beans.

Coffee turned out with an average level of caffeine, invigorating. A distinctive feature of the drink is, of course, unsurpassed foam

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