Lavazza Gusto Forte Vending


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Lavazza Gusto Forte VD offee beans is one of the most saturated, strict and invigorating blends of Lavazza. Blend consists of 100% robusta, which is grown and selected on ecologically clean plantations of Central Africa and Southeast Asia.

The rich robusta Lavazza Gusto Forte VD, as well as the level of roasting beans to a level darker than average, provided the drink with a viscous consistency, bright aroma and a golden resistant foam. Lavazza Gusto Forte VD has quite distinct chocolate notes with a slight acidity.

The blend can be used not only for vending machines, but also to create new blends with arabica in proportions that match your taste preferences. Lavazza Gusto Forte VD is recommended for making espresso, cappuccino, Latte Macchiato.

Lavazza Gusto Forte VD is very invigorating with high levels of caffeine. Taste – 10/10, foam – 9/10, caffeine – 10/10

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