Lavazza Gusto Pieno Vending


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Despite the fact that the Lavazza Gusto Pieno Vending coffee beans blend was designed primarily for vending coffee machines, it is also optimal for home cooking.

A sufficiently high level of robusta, grown in selected climatic zones of Central Africa and Southeast Asia, gives the drink an intense aroma, strength, density and persistent foam.

20% Arabica, Lavazza Gusto Pieno Vending, grown and processed in Central Africa and Southeast Asia, gives the drink softness, which, along with roasting beans using special technology of using hot air to an average level, provides coffee with chocolate aftertaste and a little bitterness.

The high Robusta content in Lavazza Gusto Pieno Vending provides high levels of caffeine. Its intense aroma goes well with milk, creating a harmonious taste. Taste – 9/10, foam – 7/10, caffeine content – 8/10

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