Lavazza il mattino


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Lavazza il Mattino Ground Coffee is a blend of the finest Indian Robusta beans with a small amount of quality Brazilian Arabica grown in unique climatic zones. Lavazza specialists created a unique combination of Lavazza il Mattino taste thanks to the use of 30% Robusta and 70% Arabica in the blend.

It is in this combination of coffee that has been recognized by connoisseurs. Lavazza il Mattino is a typical breakfast coffee with an intense aroma and a high caffeine content that guarantees vigor and a great start to the day.

Lavazza il Mattino is ideal for office, restaurant, as well as home. Lavazza il Mattino has an excellent aroma and thick foam. Coffee was created for people who like the taste of Italian soft espresso with little bitterness. Coffee beans have medium roasting and grinding is slightly finer than average.

This is done for making Lavazza il Mattino in ordinary Turks, as well as coffee machines. Taste – 5/10, foam – 8/10, caffeine content – 10/10

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