Lavazza kafa forest


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The new Lavazza coffee – Lavazza Kafa Forest coffee beans is a truly unique monosort of 100% Arabica, which is grown in the ecologically perfect wooded and mountainous area of ​​Ethiopia at an altitude of about 2000 m. The peculiarity of the beans Lavazza Kafa Forest is that that they grow in a very inaccessible area in the wild, and not on plantations, like ordinary varieties of coffee.

Therefore, the amount of harvest is always limited. Coffee beans Lavazza Kafa Forest are collected only by hand and go through all stages of selection also by hand. This variety grows precisely in the Ethiopian region – KEFA – where, according to tradition, the first coffee beans were found. The peculiarity of this area is noted at the international level, so in 2011 the region was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition, OMO National Park is located in the places where the cafe variety is grown.

After 1994, the KEFA region was merged with several provinces and is currently called the Ethnic Area of ​​Southern Ethiopia. The arabica coffee monosort in Lavazza Kafa Forest, as well as other monosorts of Ethiopian coffee, are distinguished by the fact that they can be used in pure form for making espresso without a blend. Lavazza Kafa Forest growing on a highland in a wooded area with a high level of moisture, has incorporated all the variety of smells and taste shades of a unique area.

The taste of this variety is truly divine, because in what other coffee do you feel a floral aftertaste and shades of honey against the background of a barely noticeable notes of ripe cherry. The degree of roasting of grains of Lavazza Kafa Forest is carried out over a long period of time with periodic alternation of low and high temperatures. Roast is darker than average. Taste – 9/10 with low caffeine

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