Lavazza Pienaroma


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Lavazza Pienaroma is a unique blend and top of Lavazza grain blends. The mixture of coffee beans consists of 100% high-quality Arabica from Brazil (Mogian, Minas) and special ecologically clean zones of the highlands of Peru and Honduras.

The wet method of processing Arabica coffee beans could significantly reveal the taste of the blend and gave it a touch of fig and jasmine. Lavazza Pienaroma is perfect for making the perfect cappuccino and latte macchciato. Lavazza Pienaroma – the standard of coffee of the highest quality and elegance. It meets the most sophisticated tastes and expectations of coffee gourmets.

That is why Lavazza Pienaroma is a regular guest in the most prestigious and expensive cafes and restaurants. On the packaging of Lavazza Pienaroma is the logo of the non-governmental organization Rainforest Alliance in the form of a green frog, which confirms that this blend meets the highest environmental and industrial standards, since this structure has been promoting coffee grown in accordance with many years with the principles of sustainable development.

The degree of roasting of coffee beans Lavazza Pienaroma is average. Taste – 9/10, foam – 9/10, caffeine – 9/10

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