Lavazza Qualita Oro


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Qualita Oro Ground Coffee is the most famous blend that made Lavazza popular all over the world. Blend was created back in 1958 and originally had the name “Miscela Lavazza”, and later, due to the unique taste combination and stunning success among customers, it received the name Qualita Oro or “Gold Standard”.

The golden color of the vacuum packaging Lavazza Qualita Oro perfectly matches the delicious taste and aroma of this unrivaled coffee consisting of middle ground Arabica (100%) from Central and South America, which is famous for its intense aroma with distinctive fruity floral notes.

The roasting process of beans Lavazza Qualita Oro is quite slow and gentle, as it is made using special technology, which, along with medium grinding, gives you the opportunity to brew coffee not only in coffee machines, but also in ordinary Turk. Roasting is done at the Lavazza factory in Turin.

Today, the plant is equipped with the most modern and technological equipment and is one of the main production enterprises of Lavazza. It was the skill of professionally roasting different types of coffee, as well as their non-standard mixing, that enabled Lavazza to create several varieties that made the company famous all over the world.

Lavazza Qualita Oro Ground Coffee is suitable for those lovers who prefer rich aromatic coffee with refreshing notes and without strong bitterness. Taste – 10/10, foam – 8/10, caffeine – 4/10

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