Lavazza Suerte


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If you want to cheer up or make coffee for yourself at various degrees of strength, then Lavazza specialists specially developed for you a blend of Lavazza Suerte, in which only 10% of Brazilian Arabica and 90% of Robusta, which is grown and brought from many parts of the world.

Lavazza Suerte Ground Coffee has an average grinding and average degree of roasting of grains. Coffee is a drink for those who appreciate the unique taste of coffee. It has a rich, intense and persistent smell and taste. Blend is also characterized by high levels of caffeine.

Ideal for those who prefer strong coffee. Lavazza Suerte has a very thin bitterness and a complete lack of acidity. Ideal for use in moka machines, turk and conventional coffee machines. Also goes well with milk. Taste – 6/10, foam – 8/10, caffeine content – 10/10.

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