Lavazza Super Crema


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High quality, intense aroma and creamy foam – these are the main advantages of Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans. This blend contains a unique combination of coffee beans with medium and relatively high levels of caffeine – it is very invigorating.

The mixture of Lavazza Super Crema is different and impresses with the wide geographic variety of coffee beans that are used by the company’s specialists to create such a beautiful blend. 80% of Arabica fruits are grown and carefully selected in Colombia, India and Brazil. 40% of robusta are grown in selected climatic zones of Indonesia and Vietnam. Just imagine how different the climate, moisture, the abundance of the sun and temperature zones.

It was this combination that gave the unique taste of Lavazza Super Crema. The blend has a good taste both for use in the form of espresso, and with any kind of fillers (syrups). Blend is universal – it is suitable for brewing in the traditional way and in espresso machines.

This unique blend of Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans is characterized by a sweet taste and intense aroma, in which notes of honey and almonds are barely captured. Lavazza Super Crema is also distinguished by its velvety creamy texture. Aroma – 4/5, density – 4/5

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