Lavazza Super Gusto


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Translated from Italian Lavazza Super Gusto coffee beans translates as very thick and rich. This blend is one of the most non-standard and rich in its diversity in the Lavazza line. 80% of the high-quality Arabica Lavazza Super Gusto is grown, harvested and wet-processed in three regions of Brazil (Serrado, Modjan and South Minas), as well as in individual highlands of Colombia.

The blend Lavazza Super Gusto coffee beans used a separate grade of Colombian alpine arabica from the Andes, certified according to the level of grain quality – Excelso, which due to its large size and taste almost completely corresponds to the Supremo class – elite arabica.

20% Robusta Lavazza Super Gusto coffee beans grown in Indonesia. Due to the unique combination of different varieties of elite coffee beans, the taste of the blend Lavazza Super Gusto is distinguished by its unique taste, which is characterized by hints of dried fruits and cinnamon. Coffee beans are certified according to the conditions of UTZ certification, since the principles of optimal farming and environmental standards were observed during their production.

In addition, the UTZ certificate (UTZ Certified, Amsterdam The NETHERLANDS) guarantees the conformity of the growing and harvesting regions specified by the coffee manufacturer. Lavazza Super Gusto is a low-caffeine coffee, so you can enjoy it any time of the day. Taste – 7/10, foam – 7/10, caffeine content – 6/10

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