Lavazza Tierra 4 Arabica


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Lavazza introduces a new blend – Lavazza Tierra 4 Arabica, which is 100% made up of the finest selected Arabica beans grown and harvested in the unique climatic and geographical areas of Peru, Honduras and Colombia.
The blend Lavazza Tierra 4 Arabica contains arabica varieties grown in the highlands and therefore including a small amount of caffeine, as well as rich in various flavoring shades.
The peculiarity of Lavazza Tierra 4 Arabica ground coffee also lies in the fact that arabica has undergone wet processing and has an average degree of roasting in combination with fine grinding. All of these components provided Lavazza Tierra 4 Arabica with a unique fruity-floral taste with a bitter sweet chocolate finish. On the packaging of the Lavazza Tierra 4 Arabica, you can see the logo in the form of a green frog.
This label on Lavazza coffee packaging will tell you that all the plantations and grains of coffee have been very carefully selected and certified under the terms of the non-governmental organization Rainforest Alliance (New York, NY 10279 USA). The organization, together with manufacturers such as Lavazza, has launched a project to protect and recreate the unique climate zones for coffee growing, as well as to provide members of the communes that produce coffee in these regions with optimal conditions for social protection.
Thanks to such cooperation, coffee producers provide the world market with coffee beans grown without using chemicals and receive the maximum reward for their products.
Lavazza Tierra 4 Arabica has a very rich taste and aroma. It can be prepared in a Turk, coffee machines, a French press.

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