Lavazza Tierra Brasile Balanced


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Tierra is not only a line of fundamentally new blends of Lavazza coffee, but also a project aimed at comprehensively raising the level of ecology and standards of coffee production by local communes.

By purchasing any coffee of the Tierra series, you directly affect the improvement of the conditions of the process of growing and producing coffee in unique climatic and geographical regions of the world. Lavazza Tierra Brasile Balanced is also part of the Lavazza line.

The blend is characterized by the composition of coffee from high-quality 100% Arabica beans of different varieties grown, harvested and selected on the high plantations of Lambarria (Brazil). A unique way of roasting Lavazza Tierra Brasile Balanced to a degree darker than average, as well as wet processing of the grains, provided an optimal soft velvety taste and an incredibly pleasant aroma of honey, fresh biscuit and milk chocolate.

The packaging of the Lavazza Tierra Brasile Balanced is marked with a green frog emblem, which indicates the conformity of the crop to all environmental, social and production standards established by the non-governmental organization Rainforest Alliance (New York, NY 10279 USA).

The Rainforest Alliance works only with those communes – producers of coffee beans, which are located in unique climatic and geographical areas and are not subject to industrial or urban influences – Ethiopia, Tanzania, Vietnam, Brazil, India, Peru, Honduras and Colombia. Aroma – 4/5, Density 4,5 / 5

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