Lavazza Tierra Selection Arabica 100%



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Lavazza’s Tierra Premium Blends were created by the company’s specialists in collaboration with the world-renowned organization for the protection of nature and social and production standards of small communes, the Rainforest Alliance (New York, NY 10279 USA) – the green frog emblem on the packaging.

This symbol indicates that coffee beans are grown under optimal environmental conditions and that no chemicals were used in their production. In addition, grains during blending cannot be mixed with those that could potentially be grown in ecologically unsafe areas.

That is why the geography of the blend Lavazza Tierra Selection coffee beans is limited to the Amazon river basin, which is considered the most environmentally friendly place on the planet. A mixture of Lavazza Tierra Selection combines high-quality 100% Arabica from the environmentally friendly climatic zones of Brazil, the highlands of Colombia and Peru.

Lavazza Tierra Selection perfect and balanced coffee with a rich aroma and chocolate-fruity notes. The brewed espresso Lavazza has an extremely silky texture. The blend is also suitable for making cappuccino and latte macchiato. Roasting is medium. Taste – 9/10, foam – 6/10, caffeine – 5/10

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