Lavazza Tierra Tanzania


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Lavazza Tierra Tanzania coffee beans is a unique blend of several varieties of 100% Arabica, which is grown and harvested in the highlands of African Tanzania.

The high quality of arabica Lavazza Tierra Tanzania is guaranteed not only by the grain growth height (1500 m above sea level), which indicates a low caffeine content, but also by careful selection and rejection of grains, which occurs exclusively by hand.

Also, the processing of Lavazza Tierra Tanzania  grains by a wet method is also manually performed, which provided this blend with an original unforgettable taste of citrus with slight floral notes. Roasting medium.

The presence of an emblem on a pack of Lavazza Tierra in the form of a green frog should tell you that the ecological cleanliness of grains is guaranteed by the international non-governmental organization Rainforest Alliance (New York, NY 10279 USA), which together with Lavazza develops and protects the most optimal from ecological currents of view, regions of the world for growing coffee beans.

By purchasing Lavazza Tierra Tanzania you support and develop the concept of sustainable and equitable social and economic development of regions specializing in the cultivation of ecologically perfect coffee beans

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