Lavazza Top Class


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The name of the blend Lavazza Top Class coffee beans speaks for itself. Lavazza specialists tried to combine in this blend only the best premium grains of Arabica and Robusta. The uniqueness of the blend Lavazza Top Class coffee beans lies in the fact that 90% of high-quality Arabica (Brazil and India), which has undergone wet processing, is diluted with 10% of the rare, taste and filling robust grown on the island of Java.

It is this combination of grains in the indicated proportions that created the taste of Lavazza Top Class with a pleasant aroma of dried fruits and chocolate, which will leave the aftertaste of cocoa with notes of barely noticeable bitterness.

An unusual red background on a blue tutu Lavazza Top Class speaks for itself – this is the color of the foam that you get after making this drink on professional equipment. Therefore, Lavazza experts suggest using it for bars, restaurants and cafes, where the appropriate equipment is installed, which will be able to uncover the secrets of this blend and unique foam.

However, Lavazza Top Class can be prepared at home. The intense, refined aroma of Lavazza Top Class coffee beans will remain in your memory for a long time and due to the low content of caffeine you can drink it at any time of the day. Taste – 8/10, foam – 6/10, caffeine – 5/10

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