Too much coffee damages fertility for men

кофе и потенция

Too much coffee damages fertility for men

Science and medicine do not give an unambiguous answer to this question. The thing is many factors that, in addition to coffee, affect human health.

Brazilian scientists conducted a series of experiments and came to the conclusion that not everything is so simple with the use of coffee. Coffee is a very strong aphrodisiac. Studies have confirmed that men who consume 1-2 cups of coffee per day are significantly more sexually active compared to those who do not consume coffee at all. Scientific research was supported by relevant sociological research in Brazil.

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However, Cambridge University, based on several studies, concluded that coffee can lower potency. The main reason is a large number of vegetable oils in coffee beans, which, when consumed heavily, leads to the production of a female hormone by the male body. As a result, a man’s stomach and chest begin to grow, his metabolism slows down and, over time, potency decreases.

In this case, it is a constant abuse of coffee.

What is the problem and how does coffee affect potency.

We can make an unambiguous conclusion that soluble coffee negatively affects the potency of a man. All experts who specialize in this kind of research come to this conclusion. In fact, instant coffee is a drink with a significant addition of chemicals that should preserve the basic taste of such coffee.

It has a sufficient amount of preservatives. Therefore, the frequent use of such coffee can in no way have a positive effect.

Another thing when it comes to grain coffee, which is ground and properly prepared. Experts believe that the best option for making coffee is brewing it in a Turk. Thus, all its useful and nutrients are preserved.

кофе и потенция 2

A separate topic of the effect of coffee on potency is caffeine.

The positive and negative properties of this element are repeatedly described. With moderate use, it has a positive effect on the male sex drive. The substance stimulates the cardiovascular system, a significant amount of blood rushes to the organs and, as a result, the potency increases.

If you like to often drink coffee with an inherent attribute for you – a cigarette, then we hasten to disappoint you. Such a symbiosis will definitely negatively affect both potency and overall health.

Coffee will definitely have a positive effect on your health and potency if:

– you consume natural coffee of good quality and prepare it correctly. In good coffee there is always an optimal ratio of arabica and robusta. Caffeine, as you know, is mainly found in robusta, which in expensive varieties cannot be more than 20-30%;

– you do not abuse the drink, that is, drink 1-2 cups of coffee with a moderate amount of sugar per day;

– systematically engage in physical exercises and maintain the cardiovascular system in a healthy state;

– Do not have advanced chronic diseases in the form of prostatitis, adenoma or sexually transmitted infections.

кофе и потенция

Men, remember that no coffee will improve your erection if the vessels or prostate are in an unhealthy state. Thanks to coffee, the heart can pump a large volume of blood sharply, however, it will simply not reach the desired organ through clogged or inflamed channels and you will not achieve any effect.

For clarity, this is the same as expecting good engine performance with a clogged fuel pump. Unlike the engine that stalls, the body, to our happiness, is such a universal mechanism that, even with clogged and diseased vessels and organs, it continues to function, no matter what.

Therefore, we can only wish – lead a healthy lifestyle, drink coffee, play sports and everything will be in order.

Be healthy!

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